Quit Your Job Like Andrew Kelley

The CoRecursive podcast has a great recent interview with Andrew Kelley, the creator of the Zig programming language, where he talks about quitting his job and working on open source full time (Episode #67):

Adam: Once you did quit, was it everything that you thought it would be?

Andrew: First of all, I’ve never been happier. Second of all, I realized that the freedom that I have has allowed me to open my mind up to just other, even just different politics and ways of thinking about society and how the world works. It’s harder to think about maybe more radical ways that society could run when you have to play the game, and you’re spending 40 or plus hours per week clocked in and just like doing the labor.

Not only was it everything I thought I would be, but once I tasted this freedom, I know I will never have a boss again. I will go start a farm if I have to. My sense of self-worth has just skyrocketed and I just, I don’t even want to be subject to another person’s domain anymore. I want everyone to feel this way. I want everyone to feel they get to decide what they do with their life and no one’s going to tell them what they have to do.

Adam: Did you have a really bad boss?

Andrew: Actually, no. […​] I think that’s why I realized that I never want to have a boss again is that I had a good one and I still really hated it.